Why Buy A Miniature Goat?

We have found Miniature Goats make great pets...............
*They are very intelligent, can learn tricks, can walk on a lead.
*They get on well with other animals (introduce slowly). We have sold goats to families that don't want two dogs but need company for their dog.
*You can tie them up to eat certain areas in your yard.
*They help fertilise the ground in a nice way (you won't step in it!).
*They enjoy life and make you smile.
*Wonderful, affectionate pets for children.

Interesting breeding for Genetics.........

*Miniature Goats a breeding is still very much in its infancy stages in Australia. (See Breeding Page).
*It works on a grade system by crossing Bucks with Does with the Miniature Goat Gene until you reach the desired height requirement. (See Height Requirements).
*Gives the whole family an interest and understanding of Genetics.
*Can breed for: Breed Type, Colour, Coat Type, Eye Colour, and Ear Type. While continuing to reduce heights and breed the perfect conformation.
*Breeding to be able to show stud stock.

And why buy from a Stud?.......

Automatically you might think the word Stud means expensive well if you look around our prices seem to be what the unregistered people are charging for Miniature Goats. Well you gotta ask yourself this, why when those of us that are registered know it is not expensive to be a registered Stud with the MGBA are these people not running as Registered Studs? Maybe they don't know it’s not expensive? Who knows, but what we as Registered Studs do know is that we have records, checkable records that are available for you to check up on. For our own good name we at Samittar Mini Goat Stud are not going to sell you something that we don't believe is right. Of course with nature we cannot always tell you that this animal will most definitely grow to 20", we can estimate but well we are goat breeders.......... So ask us and we will tell you what we know and can show you the records of their parents and linage, most times you can meet their Grandmothers of Grandfathers or Siblings from previous kiddings but what ever, we will honestly advise you as to what we truly feel we can tell you about that goat you want. Enjoy.

A happy family makes it all worthwhile
(Letter from a family that bought a Bottle Baby Maxi)

Hi Janelle
We are certainly attracting a lot of attention and literally stopping traffic when Maxi walks on the lead with us and the dog, the dog is coping well with the new addition to the family and is actually protective of him, the dog is tiny and usually timid but growled at an elkhound (HUGE) who got too close to Maxi in the park :) He walks really well but slowly of course because he wants to eat everything on the way. People stop us and ask to take pictures. We took some yesterday so I'll attach them. He is eating well, getting quite chubby. Quietened down a lot, but lets us know when he’s not getting enough attention. My partner Steve adores him and wants to thank you so much, and me for talking him into getting a mini goat! The neighbours all want to borrow him for their lawn but I think at this stage he may overdo it on the grass so I try to limit the time he spends "mowing". A lot of interest from people about where he came from, someone with a block of land which is part of Ku-ring-gai Chase national park wants your details so I will pass them on, not ideal for everyone in the city of course who may not have the time to spend with them but everyone loves him. None of the neighbours know Steve's or my name but as soon as we walk out the door there are shouts of "HI MAXI", so there you go. I'll take some more pics of Maxi with Bloempie (the dog), they're becoming great mates which is lovely to watch - although my dog is developing an interest in hay, thinking she must be missing out on something yummy I guess...

Best wishes for Xmas to you and your herd :)

Belinda, Steve, Bloempie and Maxi xxx